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"...Training has proven hugely effective..."

Nat has been training my teenage daughter at Studio on Surrey. Her highly personalised and thoughtful style of training has proven hugely effective. My daughter is noticeably physically stronger and more confident in her body now, willing to take on new challenges, physical and otherwise. I couldn't recommend Nat highly enough as a trainer for teenagers. She has a lovely and authentic way about her which is highly beneficial for teenagers and adults alike!

Galia BarHava - Monteith Mum and Business Coach


"...Nat's keeps me laughing through it all..."

My 5+ years with Functional have always been FUN working to achieve my specific fitness and weight goals, however Natalie's exceptional strength is her ability to read my needs on any particular day and deal with all those additional challenges such as work stress, aches and pains and general health issues which would otherwise hinder my energy levels and progress. Natalie's holistic approach, knowledge, motivation, and empathetic approach carry over into her sessions giving me all the support and encouragement I have needed to meet my goals.

Jules Carroll - Ethical Sourcing Specialist

"...Feeling the fittest in my life and I am over 60..."

Studio on Surrey has helped me get more mobile, much stronger and more importantly, helped me understand how and why things happen the way they do in my body. I don't think I'll ever let myself get to the seized up rusted wreck stage again. Working with Natalie has changed my life and sure changed my body!

Helen McPhun - Director, Learning and Evaluation Specialist

"...Staying Motivated..."

Natalie has consistently provided energy and motivation to get me through some tough workouts. She has pushed me to do things that I thought were impossible and through stressing what I have done well and achieved. We have laughed a lot during our sessions and this too has ensured that I stay motivated.

Fionna Scott - Milligan Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design

More Studio on Surrey testimonials coming soon ..... 

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