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Meet our experts 

We have a resident nutritionist and naturopath as well as a network of specialists to compliment our holistic approach to health and wellness. 
Natalie Skinner
Co Owner 
Wellness and Movement Coach 
Natalie is the co-owner of Studio on Surrey and her passion and excitement for the industry started at the early age of 12 when working as a gymnastic coach.
  • REPS registered
  • Diploma in Sport and Recreation 
  • Certificate in Fitness and Personal
I started in the industry in 2000 and after 2 years  I began travelling the world to build on my knowledge and experience learning within the fitness and wellness education. 

I am highly experienced in:

  • Pre and Postnatal exercise

  • Weight Management

  • Sport Specific and Strength Conditioning

  • Postural/Core and Age specific training

My knowledge, motivation, and empathetic approach carries over into my sessions giving you all the support and encouragement that you need to meet your goals. 
"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
Alice Mc Onie
Personal Trainer  

Alice has a bubbly personality and takes on board how you're feeling to give you what you need out of your sessions.

  • REPS registered

  • New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness

  • PreKure Health Coach

  • Burrell Education - Pre and post natal movement

Previously Alice has bought into a fitness franchise built it up and sold it on. She's run other fitness businesses over the years and is now scaling it back to be a dedicated one on one personal trainer. As she gets the most satisfaction from this. 


I'm here to motivate, support and drive you through challenges that may arise while keeping you on track so you can get the best results possible and be the best version of yourself physically and mentally.  

Greg Pain
Applied Biomechanist

Father, athlete* and Applied Biomechanist.  

Why can’t an 18 year old runner still move with the same patterning as an 8 year old?  Why do 15 year old cyclists get knee pain, even when riding with restricted ratios? Why do you struggle to maintain even splits when running your marathon? My Mr. Universe statement would be to create a world where children and adults alike can move in a pain-free, efficient manner.  Is this achievable?  

In my mind – YES.

I have two feet in two pools of thought: living/experience vs clinical/research. As I watch my daughters grow and become more and more active I start to see the effects of modern/Western living on their movement patterns.

I also find myself watching people running and riding on Tamaki Drive every day, of which maybe 10% would be what I would consider to be ‘efficient athletes’.  

I work with Olympic and World Champion athletes that don’t have the basics of movement and stability mastered.  To me this is all unacceptable, so accordingly I’m tapping into my nearly 20 years of clinical experience, observation and application to empower all my patients with the skills, education and strength needed to exceed the requirements of their chosen sport.  THAT’S the fundamental goal.

*Definition of ‘athlete’: a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. IE: YOU.

Andrew Gallagher
Personal Trainer  

Andrew has 12+ years’ experience in personal training and group fitness in New Zealand and around the world. As a former professional rugby player, Andrew knows what it takes to get to and remain in top physical condition. Qualifications & Experience:
• New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness
• Certificate in Massage (New Zealand School of Massage) • Represented New Zealand rugby under 19s and under 21s (Junior All Blacks)
• Wellington and North Harbour rugby A team, as well as range of overseas teams in Japan, Italy, Ireland and the United States.
• London Guilds Diploma in Cooking and Culinary Arts .
Andrew has helped all types of people achieve their health and fitness goals; from losing weight and getting fit, to running a marathon. He is 100% committed to every client, in every session and takes your goals very seriously and will go the extra mile to make sure you achieve them. His friendly, supportive and fun character will help to bring out the best in you during your sessions and will inject fun and excitement into your routine with amazing results.
Pax Patel
Personal Trainer  

Pax’s passion for health and fitness started from a young age where she threw herself into every sport possible.
Her fascination with human potential lead her to study Sport and Exercise Science and go on to create Sticks & Stones; a company that inspires human movement for health and well-being.
Just like her younger days, Pax continues to dabble in a variety of training mediums from strength training to boxing in the gym and hiking and rock climbing out in nature.
Pax continuously seeks out opportunities to learn and progress towards the ideology of optimal human health and function; not only for her own personal gain but to grow as a coach that embodies the ‘practice what you preach’ philosophy.​
Jaimee Sabin
Co Owner
Personal Trainer
Jaimee is the co-owner of Studio On Surrey and has worked in the fitness industry both here and across the Tasman for over 15 years as a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist.
  • REPS registered
  • Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Diploma In Remedial Massage
As a busy mum and business owner I  understand the pressures of our modern lifestyles. Often our health and well-being gets put on the back burner as we prioritise our family and work commitments above our own needs.
Yet without health, we have nothing.
I work with you to help you get your focus on your physical wellbeing. You will start to feel more in control of your body with lots of practical advice on how to integrate new healthy habits into your lifestyle.
I train men, women, teenagers and seniors. I’ve had extensive experience with pre and post natal clients. I often work with clients who are recovering from knee replacements and clients who are living with diabetes.
My sessions are fun, varied and tailored to your needs. 
I look forward to working with you.
Niki Loe
Personal Trainer
Nutritionist & Naturopath Coach 
“My mission is to inspire you to smile, love, nourish and move in a way that allows you to devour life with great joy.”
  • REPS registered Personal Trainer (Cert. IV Master trainer + Group fitness instructor).
  • Naturopath & Medical herbalist (BHSc). Nutritionist (Dip).
  • Pilates and yoga (Australian fitness network and Bodyflow training).
After 11 years spent personal training, teaching group fitness, and managing health clubs in Australia and New Zealand, I started to think about how I could further my education so that I could support my clients on a deeper level. Whilst continuing to work in the industry I love, I went back to school to complete a degree which would allow me to understand the more complex elements of health that are so unique to each individual.
Alongside fitness and movement services, I now offer consultations for lifestyle wellness plans utilising naturopathic, herbal and nutrition-based practices.
"First we find the joy, then come the results."
Ash Damini
Personal Trainer  

Ash is a REPs personal trainer who specialises in training those with chronic pain.

I have an interesting and varied background in my studies in health and fitness. This includes two years of Pre-med, a two year study of Yoga, as well as Interval Training and Personal Training.

My background, coupled with the fact that I have AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) a chronic pain condition myself, makes me the perfect candidate to help others in this field.

For those wanting to know more about AS, in short, it is a type of auto-immune arthritis that mainly effects the spine. Half of my clientele also have AS. 

I love taking a detailed approach to my work.

I run a comprehensive assessment consultation to make sure posture and alignment issues are dealt with before weight training and functional movement ensues.

Ash makes sure training is comfortable, fun, but focused. 

Carla Harré
Personal Trainer  

Carla is an experienced movement artist and director. With an energetic energy that will encourage you in through your practice and a deep understanding of movement pathways to keep you safely active!

  • REPs registered 

  • Bachelor in Performing and Screen Arts Majoring in Contemporary Dance

  • Certificate in Personal Training (level 4)

  • Qualified Barre Instructor 

  • Comprehensive First Aid Certified


I am a personal training practitioner, group fitness instructor, dancer and choreographer. Activating the body has been my drive for a long time, at first it was just through myself with my dance and personal gym practice and then with others which has proven endless rewards. 


I love helping people with their movement goals whether it be in the gym, on the stage or to simply feel joy in moving again. 

Together we can find out what you need to move forward no matter how big or small that may be. I have worked with people of all ages and I especially enjoy working with older clients.

I am here to help you feel better, and I will tailor to suit your personal journey. 

Gosia Salisz
Personal Trainer  
Gosia is personal trainer with expertise in pre/postnatal training, pelvic floor health, peri menopause and menopause.
She has great passion for Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Barre, strength and HIIT work.

I have Masters degree in psychology / counselling and I am qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor with great passion of Pilates and Barre / dance. Combining all my knowledge and skills together I can truly understand how body and mind work together.

I am very busy mum of two, super passionate about mental health and fitness. I worked and managed very popular and busy fitness club in Auckland, where I have gained a lot of experience. Now I have decided to slow down, invest in myself and further my education in Pilates and Reformer Pilates so I can add more to my repertoire. I also want to focus on my one on one clients work.
If I’m not in the studio you will find me teaching classes, I love motivating and encouraging people.

My sessions are always different and tailored to your day, needs etc. I believe in the power of movement, the movement that transforms your mind.
I am committed to help you move into the best version of you, everyone deserves to feel beautiful and amazing.
I teach my clients how to be the best versions of themselves and with all my experience you can trust you are in safe hands.

Anouk Koene
Personal Trainer  

Anouk has had 13 years personal training experience at various gyms in Auckland . Having studied at New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness and attended multiple conferences and courses throughout her career, her training style will push you to achieve goals like weight loss, strength , overall fitness and mastering great technique for maximum benefits and injury prevention. 

She is personable, and supportive and makes each workout interesting and effective. 

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