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Wellbeing Coaching & Nutrition

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Bring mind, body and emotions into balance. 

We offer wellbeing coaching for an integrative approach to manage stress, low energy, overwhelm, self-doubt.

Proper nutrition helps you fuel your life and get the most out of your time at Studio on Surrey. That’s why our trainers and coaches work with you to develop customised nutrition plans that focus on your specific needs, tastes, and dietary restrictions.

Here are some of our recommendations for respected practitioners across the range of holistic practices. 

 Body Fix Clinic 

Osteopathy, sports massage provided locally in Westmere.

Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Injury Recovery, Strength and Performance

The Good Medicine Clinic 

We are a clinic that believes in strongly advocating for our patients and like to think healthcare encompasses a lot more than a prescription or the mere absence of illness.

The Breakthrough Depot

Sue Warren is a local counsellor and a coach.

“At the Breakthrough Depot we work together to deal with change and transformation in your work and life in general. Change is about fixing the past and transformation about creating a new future. I give you the tools so you can master your mind-set, make new healthy choices, embrace a positive outlook in life, commit to goals and actually get them done.”

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